CAT & Genny

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Duration: 1 Day
Max Delegates: 8


Upon successful completion, an in house certificate will be produced and sent to your primary sponsor.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

Delegates must be at least 16 years of age. Must have sufficient command of English language as detailed in Network Rail Company Specification NR/S/CTM/021 (Competence & Training in Track Safety). Delegates who have not operated the equipment at least 4 times over the past 12 months will need to be re-assessed as to their current competence.
Course Date Location Spaces Price
CAT & Genny (Open)
Mon - Fri Derby
£95.00 + VAT
CAT & Genny (Open)
Mon - Fri London
£95.00 + VAT


Our Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT training) course is designed to address the needs of those who need to detect and trace buried and/or underground services.

The Cable Avoidance Tools training course (sometimes referred to as CAT training) is a one-day training course that instructs delegates on how to detect and trace underground services and use cable avoidance tools appropriately and in line with recognised safe working practices.

Course content:

CAT3, Genny 3, CAT4, RD400, RD8000, TX10.

Detecting and tracing underground services.

Regulations and safe working practices.

How to use cable avoidance tools.

How to carry out a function test.

Identification of cable avoidance tools and signal generators.

Reasons for using locators.

Cable avoidance hazards.

CAT limitations.