PTS AC Initial

From £480.00


Duration: 1 Day
Max Delegates: 12


Upon successful completion, competences will be uploaded to sentinel.


Must be a minimum age of 16.
Have completed the online e-learning module prior to assessment – it must be marked as ‘complete’.
Bring National Insurance Number.
Bring photo ID: Company ID, Passport, Driving Licence or some other form of photographic identification.
Must have successfully completed the e-learning training and assessment prior to attendance.
Must have sufficient command of English language, and of the English language as detailed in network Rail Company Specification NR/S/CTM/021 (competence & Training in track Safety).
Course Date Location Spaces Price
PTS AC Initial (Open)
Mon - Fri Derby
10 Spaces Left
£240.00 + VAT
PTS AC Initial (Open)
Mon - Fri London
10 Spaces Left
£240.00 + VAT


PTS AC is working close by DC conductor rails. The Personal Track Safety course consists of two components. The e-learning training package followed by a practical training day. Which is why the course length is 2 days.